The Event that was... the events that will be...

And so, Crying Fowl was over before I knew it.
It felt like it was just last week we sat down for our first meetings. I am actually sad that it's all over. It feels like a massive chunk of my life is just over, gone and dusted. I'll admit when time out was called on Sunday I had to bite back tears a little bit.
Theres a few reasons for this.

  • I really threw myself into research in this game. I was the ref with any real knowlede of biology and medicine past GCSE so I quickly adopted the role of 'medicine ref' which I loved. It helped me realise my love for medicine and healing, and my interest in illness. I loved doing the research, the long hours into the early morning of looking up symptoms and what exactly happens to patients when they get ill. I loved it. I'm going to miss doing it. It left me wishing that I was clever enough to become a real doctor.

  • The people I worked with were and are amazing. Laura kept us on schedule throughout, but didn't make us feel under pressure. Andrew came to every meeting to help out and brought a fresh perspective on things. Tom brought another perspective and gave Dr. Bradbury life, he made the character REAL. I had so many good memories of those meetings. The 'OMG YES!' moments and all the laughter. And Talking Carl.

  • I was given an NPC role I loved. I like to role-play. I like having to role-play in my role-play even more. The Housekeeper was slightly more sane than some members of the staff and helped to organise a constant watch on the cult's room to keep nosy players (HETTIE) out. Waiting the table was hard work and I got exhausted quickly, not sure why I felt so tired this weekend really, but it felt like it was helping a great deal. Plus we got to spread lots of germs on characters to make us feel good :)

  • I actually felt like a proper ref. At first players didn't seem to notice I was a ref, there were lots of 'oh yes, you're a ref too aren't you!' moments which put me down a little. I think it's because I'm still quite young and have always been seen as a player to most of the group, many of the players have ref or ref for me currently. BUT. I got better. On Saturday night I was even given the responsibility of handling the waves of cultists attacking the house. I even got to stat them :D I made calls when there was disagreements and stuck to them, instead of folding against someone else's wishes. I didn't even have to ASK to take on the job, it just kind of fell into place. And I set up a chain of making up the cultists as we only had 4 robes and lots of monsters who wanted to go out (we'd had player deaths and I wanted to give them a chance to have some fun times monstering as much as we could).

  • The even was very much a group effort. The event last year was set out and we followed the plot, but with this one there was a lot more discussion of what would be happening in game time. I got to have input and make choices, some of which was put into game play.

  • I helped to make a good number of props, including the cult stuff, which I totally loved doing. I loved staying up late on Thursday night making the scrolls and having a go at painting. It didn't matter that my paintings were rubbish, my character NPC felt like she needed to express her joy in that way. They were not intended as plot items, just as flavour and personal items in the room.

  • I felt needed in the team. At last year's event I was hit by depression quite a bit during the prep and fell behind, letting people down. But this time, I was desperate not to let that happen. I did the work I was set, I hope I got it all done to a good standard. Throughout I was worried I didn't do enough, didn't contribute enough. I was worried I was wrong for not going to the prop days, despite not having anything on the prop list with my name next to it. I wrote lots of the background fluff to the treatments such as crystal healing and homeopathy. I wrote some letters, and did the cult props. I felt like I could have done more. I wanted to write a fucking book or something. I don't know. It's probably because I don't have a job or education to go to, so I felt I could have done a lot more. During the event itself I was always on hand as a ref, and managed to answer the medical questions when they popped up. One of my talents seems to be running about and getting shit or getting shit done. I hope I can do more in future!

  • I'll admit, there were times when I got stressed. I do want to say however, it was mostly real life shit that was making me stress out. I got some bad news on the Tuesday before the event, and I decided to ignore the problems until after the event as best I could, but it still popped up sometimes making me a bit snappy. Luckily a few moments of calm chatting to people calmed me down a treat. Seriously, Andrew only had to say a couple of sentances and I'd be a calm enough to sleep. But I didn't have break downs and cry like I have done in the past. I was chill, and happy.

  • I enjoyed myself. So. Much. Fun. I loved it. Can't say much more than that.

So yeah... a year roughly of working on it, and it seemed to work. I hope people liked it. I really do. I had a lot of fun planning and prepping and writing for this game. It just can't believe it's actually all over. I feel sad again now, so I'll talk about the future.
I'm signed up to play this October's Haunted Hotel game, which will be AWESOME! Really looking forward to that. Really.
I'm reffing the one day event in December which will be a nice little ref fix :) we've already started work on that.
Probably going to play next year's April game, to give myself a break before the rest of the year as...
I'll most likely be reffing the October game next year too, which I am SUPER looking forward to!

And about next year's December game? Well... I'm taking the lead role on that one. And all I can say about it now is [DATA EXPUNGED]


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The 30 day lolita Meme!- Day 27 – One song that fits your favorite lolita style.

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By the way, I think I may have found the cause of my constant stomach cramps. I'm going back to the doctor soon as I can. I probably won't say any more on here... it's a bit grim and stuff. I'm trying to keep cheerful and optimistic. I do wish my Mum was here though... she always puts in a comforting word. (As in, 'You're probably just fine, it's just a virus etc.) I'd like those words right now.