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Aug. 15th, 2012 | 01:27 am
location: Lancaster
mood: cheerful cheerful
music: Dead End

Going to split this up into positives and negatives...

  • Me, being stupidly sore and achey due to still yet unknown problems. Screaming in pain from feet pain and having to sit and have a rest every half hour.
  • Me, getting a fucking period on the first day of the con. I get about 3 a year now, and it HAD to happen then. Was poorly with pains badly on Sunday, missed the yaoi and yuri panel AND the Omake.
  • Building work. It was an eyesore, and annoying to walk around.
  • Not having bits of my cosplay because I forgot them.
  • Lots of walking on sore feet.
  • Dat shower.....
  • Shops shut a little too early for our liking.
  • Damn socks loosing elastic and slipping down.
  • Masquerade very late, again.
  • Karaoke was closed when I got to it.... no singing for me.
  • Damn Dominos was 2 hours late.
  • Train journey from hell on the way back.
  • No Clannad merch ;_;
  • No Cutethulu shirt either ;_;
  • Definate fewer numbers of people, and cosplayers.
  • Where was the 'anime songs' party? No anime tunes played at end of con ball!
  • No 'recent' cosplays of series I have watched and loved last season. My own cosplay included.
  • The ballroom was super, super hot.
  • Nyaruko arrived the day the con started so I couldn't wear her ;____; And the sleeves are too tight.
  • Left with no potential romance leads :(
  • I actually dared to feel pretty in my ball dress, and even cute in my Kaede cosplay....
  • Someone asked me to join them for the final dance of the ball, I felt so special!
  • Lots of compliments on the ball dress, lots!
  • I could actually dance in the dress!
  • Sweet kitten manga loot.
  • Saw old friends again!
  • LOTS of hugs and even kisses with excellent people.
  • Hard Gay <3
  • Awesome pub.
  • Cheap drinks, great choice.
  • Very drunk, but no hangovers!
  • For that weekend, I could forget about my problems mostly, and just enjoy myself. And dance.
  • Dancing all night gets another point because I loved it, even if my body didn't.
  • It was overall, good. I enjoyed myself loads, but I felt it was lacking compared to previous years... maybe because it was less full, and I was more poorly .-.
  • Learn to dance.
  • Get a bigger ball dress.
  • Learn to sing (more, better).
  • Get more well so I have more stamnia.
  • Get my cosplays sorted earlier.
  • Not get con depression.... even though it's coming...
  • Loose more weight.

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